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From Quito the capital of Ecuador is easy access to the western andean slopes.The avifauna of this northwestern Quito, a natural region for its remarkable bird ENDEMISM, this The Choco corridor was formed during the Ice age, 13,000 - 2,500,000 years ago when the temperature dropped 7 degrees celcius causing the fragmentation of the tropical forests becoming new environmental conditions and climate. The Choco region is a hot spot. The latest ornithological studies indicate 1,659 bird species found in Ecuador, this country holds the world record with 132 hummingbird species. 400 bird species found in Mindo region.

Mindo Cloud Forest Day Tours

. semnornis ramphastinus mindo bird tour

Mindo Birding tour:


04:15 am

Pick up from your hotel in Quito

06:00 am
Arrival to the lek.
06:15 am
Visit to the andean cock of the rock (sanguinolenta) lek, Yellow breasted antpitta, dark backed wood quail.
08:00 am

Optional: depart for birding the club-winged Manakin lek.

09:30 am
Mindo Birding morning at a bird lodge - sickle-winged guan, ecuadorian thrush, slate-throated and spectacled whitestart, red-headed barbet, black-capped tanager, etc -Breakfast.
11:00 am

Arrival to a bird feeder: crimson-rumped toucanet, dusky bush-tanager, metallic-green tanager, toucan barbet, etc.

12:20 pm
Visit to the hummingbird feeder. Violet tailed sylph, velvet purple coronet, brown Inca, purple-bibbed white tip, etc.
15:30 pm
Back to Quito to your Hotel


Includes: English speaking-bird guide/driver, 4WD ground transportation.

Mindo Bird Tour

mindo bird tour grallaria flavotincta
ramphastos brevis mindo bird tour
rupicola peruviana sanguinolenta mindo bird tour
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03:00 am

Pick up from your hotel in Quito

05:00 am
Arrival to 23 de Junio village.
05:30 am
Visit the Long wattled umbrella bird lek.
08:00 am
Arrival to a bird lodge - Breakfast - ecuadorian thrush, toucan barbet.
10:00 am
Depart for birding at a bird santuary. Choco toucan, club winged manakin, velvet purple coronet, brown Inca.
12:30 pm
Arrival to Tandayapa area - bird and hummingbird feeder for lunch. White wiskered hermit, gorgeted sunangel.
14:00 pm
Depart to Quito
16:00 pm
Back to Quito to your Hotel


Includes: English speaking-bird guide/driver, 4WD ground transportation. 

Mindo bird guide tours
white capped deeper
pale mandibled aracari mindo bird tour
long wattled umbrella bird
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Highlands and Mindo Bird Circuit: 


05:30 am



Pick up from your hotel in Quito

07:00 am


Arrive to Antisana Ecological Reserve. Andean cóndor, variable Hawk, carunculated caracara, aplomado falcon, black winged ground dove, black faced ibis, paramo ground tyrant, and andean siskin...

04:15 am



Pick up from your hotel in Quito.
06:10 am

Visit to a Reserve to observe the Andean Cock of the rock lek.

Choco trogon, rufus motmot, moos backed tananger, rufus throated tanager, flame faced tanager, white thighed swallow, band backed wren…

05:30 am



Pick up from your hotel in Mindo
07:00 am

Arrival to Yanacocha Reserve. Western white tailed trogon, collares trogon, purple chested hummingbird, gray and gold tanager, rufous Winged tanager, emerald tanager, scarled browed tanager, scarlet breasted dacnis, white bearded manakin…

17:00 pm
  Back to Quito to your Hotel


Includes: English speaking-bird guide/driver, night hotel in Mindo,expenses (hotel and meals for the guide),4WD ground transportation. 

Mindo birding tour

bay headed tanager mindo bird tour
eurypyga helias mindo bird tour

mindo bird tour glaucidium nubicola

semnornis ramphastinus bird tour

rupicola peruviana sanguinolenta bird tour

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